July 2020 – Please note: Feline Lifeline is NOT a shelter. The majority of cats in our adoption program are cats our volunteers personally rescue from the streets and from the colonies we maintain. In rare cases, we accept cats into our program that are financially sponsored and have a foster home (i.e. a place to stay until adoption space becomes available). As a small, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, we are always in need of donations and volunteers and have limited resources. We especially need foster homes to temporarily care for cats awaiting space in one of our adoption centers. Thank you for your understanding and compassion.

"Feral cats are not to be loathed or feared. They need to be loved and fed."



Feline Lifeline at a Glance

A Bit of Background

Feline Lifeline was officially incorporated as an all volunteer nonprofit organization in 2007 and became a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2011. The purpose of Feline Lifeline is "to give homeless cats a chance," not after they are taken to a public animal shelter, but while they are still living on the streets, eating out of trash cans and surviving long enough only to produce a litter or two of kittens doomed to the same fate as their parents.


Feline Lifeline helps cats living outdoors in "colonies." Most colony cats are too fearful of humans to become pets, so they are trapped and taken to a veterinarian for vaccinations, spay or neuter and treatment for fleas and worms. Other health problems are also given veterinary care. The cats that cannot be tamed are then returned to the places where they had been living, but their living areas are improved with shelters (where possible) and the cats are fed daily. 

Please note: Feline Lifeline is not a shelter or sanctuary for cats. Volunteers use their own homes to foster cats and kittens they rescue. Therefore, while our volunteers are glad to advise and assist people seeking homes for cats, lack of space in foster homes usually prevents Feline Lifeline from taking in cats and kittens not rescued from the cat colonies we presently maintain.



Helping The Community

Trap-Neuter-Release is a humane method that involves capturing stray and feral cats in humane traps, having them spayed or neutered to prevent overpopulation, and returning them to the cat colony from which they came. Volunteers then maintain the colonies by providing food daily for the cats in the colony. Studies show that TNR improves the lives of feral cats, improves their relationships with the people who live near them, and decreases the size of colonies over time.


Reinforcing our Commitment

Every now and then, volunteers will determine a pet has been abandoned at a colony they maintain. Other times, kittens can be socialized to make great pets. These animals are fostered, receive veterinary care, and placed for adoption. Feline Lifeline offers adoptable cats and kittens at Petco, 1140 Woodruff Road, Greenville, S.C. 29607; Petco, 353 Harrison Bridge Rd, Simpsonville, SC 29680; and through the online site, Petfinder. There is a pre-adoption application process and an adoption fee. You can learn more about the cats up for adoption by visiting our Facebook page or Petfinder.

We Need Your Help!

Volunteer or Make a Donation

Feline Lifeline is always seeking volunteers to work directly with cats and kittens or perform administrative duties. Those under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when volunteering for Feline Lifeline.


Checks made out to Feline Lifeline can be mailed to 2818 Brushy Creek Rd, Easley, SC 29642. Donations of cat food or other supplies may be left for Feline Lifeline at Petco on Woodruff Road in Greenville, S.C. Monetary donations can also be made below with or without a PayPal account. All donations to Feline Lifeline are tax-deductible, and 100 percent of the proceeds go toward vet bills, cat food, and expenses related to the cats in our care.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


About Us

Behind the Scenes

Here at Feline Lifeline, we see the value in everyone. Our group is made up of many dedicated volunteers who donate their time, efforts, and money to helping homeless cats in Greenville County and beyond. Our president is Ralph Carbone. We meet monthly. You're welcome to join us! Find our schedule on


2019 Statistics:

Feline Lifeline oversaw the spay/neuter or veterinary care of 148 cats in 2019, facilitated 96 adoptions, and managed 30-plus cat colonies in Greenville, Pickens, and Spartanburg counties.

All donations are tax deductible. Our EIN number is 260529752.

2019 annual total expenses: $42,274.00

2019 annual total funds: $29.960.00

($-14,963 debt carried into 2020)

Financial records are available upon request by emailing Jennifer at

  • Ralph Carbone, director

  • Cindy Cohn, vice president

  • Jennifer Blazevich, treasurer

  • Angie Campbell, secretary

  • Cindy Suttles, business manager

Proud to be a Petco Foundation partner and a grateful recipient of a $4,000 grant from Petco Foundation


Board of Directors

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