Feline Lifeline
of South Carolina

What we do


Feline Lifeline's mission is "to give homeless cats a chance," not after they are taken to a public animal shelter, but while they are still living on the streets, eating out of trash cans and surviving long enough only to produce a litter or two of kittens doomed to the same fate as their parents.


Feline Lifeline helps cats living outdoors in "colonies." Most colony cats are too fearful of humans to become pets, so they are trapped and taken to a veterinarian for vaccinations, spay or neuter and treatment for fleas and worms. Other health problems are also given veterinary care. The cats that cannot be tamed are then returned to the places where they had been living, but their living areas are improved with shelters (where possible) and the cats are fed daily. 

Please note: Feline Lifeline is NOT a shelter or sanctuary for cats. Volunteers use their own homes to foster cats and kittens they rescue. Therefore, while our volunteers are glad to advise and assist people seeking homes for cats, lack of space in foster homes usually prevents Feline Lifeline from taking in cats and kittens not rescued from the cat colonies we presently maintain.

We are proud to be a Petco Foundation partner. We have received more than $7,000 in grants from the Petco Foundation since 2017. Many of our adoptable cats can be seen in Petco stores in Greenville and Simpsonville, South Carolina.

- Ralph Carbone, director

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Cat of the week


Hey there! I'm a 6-month-old female Torbie kitten who was rescued in Fountain Inn. I tested positive for FIV but don't let that stop you from asking about me. I'm super sweet, affectionate, and playful. Check me out on Petfinder.